2nd Punk Song Festival – Anarchy in the EU

The Punk Song Festival is a symbiose of the traditional Estonian song festival with lot of choral singers and the punk rock. The idea came from Üllar Saaremäe, artistical director of Rakvere theater in the Summer of 2007 and next year, June 7, 2008 the Punk Song Festival in Rakvere became a reality. Then the punk anthem "Anarchy in the U.K" was the only non-Estonian punk song in the repertoire.

This time, June 11, 2011 the festival is more international. Along with Estonian punk we hear also songs in English, Finnish and Russian, arranged for the choir and symphony orchestra+rock band. This festival is the main event of European cultural capital 2011 in Rakvere.

The arranged punk is still punk (not tango, bossanova or something else), but it sounds another, interesting way. We hope you will enjoy!


Papildu ziņas