Õlletoober 2011

Estonia’s only beer festival… in Saaremaa. Õlletoober 2011.

Õlletoober expects its guests to Suur Töll’s Holiday Village, near Kuressaare on 15th and 16th of July. This is the time when people are raking up froth of home brew and heartily eat smoked flounder, bees alight on clover leaf and junipers have the nicest touch.

Moreover, besides this joy, we have invited the finest performers to Õlletoober: Saaremaa own sons and daughters, Estonian best bands and singers, so that guests would have something to watch and listen to.

NB! Now there should not be any problems with coming to the party! Harbors are much wider and larger than they once used be, totally new ferries sail between Virtsu and Kuivastu with a flying speed. Check out yourself... www.tuulelaevad.ee



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