Iceland’s President will greet Estonian people at Song of Freedom

Song of Freedom celebrates two important events: it is the 20th anniversary of the restoration of Estonia’s independence on 20th August while Tallinn wears the title of European Capital of Culture. One aim of Song of Freedom is to say thank you to countries that bravely recognized Estonia’s independence 20 years ago.

Special thanks and attention goes to Iceland that recognized Estonia in 1991 as the first country. To celebrate this and also to open the Iceland Day that takes place all over Tallinn on 21 August, Iceland’s President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson will address the public at Tallinn Song Festival grounds.

The six hour concert Song of Freedom on 20 August will be hosted by well-known TV anchor Anu Välba and the winner of „best male actor“ of 2010 award Nero Urke. The event will be broadcast live on ETV1 with interviews at venue being conducted by Heidy Purga, Marko Reikop and Andres Kuusk.

Performing at Song of Freedom: Sinead O’Connor (Ireland), Mari Boine (Norway), Kimmo Pohjonen (Finland), BrainStorm (Latvia), Kerli, Justament, Riho Sibul, Mari Kalkun, Dagö, Vaiko Eplik, Jaak Johanson, Malcolm Lincoln, Iiris, Jarek „Chalice“ Kasar, Ewert & the Two Dragons. „Mainly we will hear the performers’ own music and we wish that the performers express what is on their hearts and minds. There will certainly be solemn moments during the programme when all Estonian people can join in singing,“ comments one of the musical directors of the event Jaak Johanson, who is also going to lead the runic song.

The Song Festival grounds will open the gates to public at 17:00, concert will start at 18:00 and last until midnight.
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Song of Freedom is being presented by European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011.



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