Towers of Tallinn

European Capital of Culture - Tallinn 2011 presents!

25-27 August 2011, Tallinn
Towers of Tallinn and brilliant performers!

Corelli Music new festival brings together the history of Tallinn and contemporary oeuvre, introducing the famous silhouette of Tallinn inside out through different eras of music.

Medieval towers of the city wall, churches, modern skyscrapers – in accordance to the era of the tower, the whole Capital of Culture all the way to the sea will be filled with music, from the Middle Ages to this day: from Medieval music and baroque to folk tunes, jazz and contemporary classical music. Thus, architecture, history and performers – everyone tells their own stories, offered by old Tallinn already from the times of Lindanise and Kolyvan, let alone today.

Classy concerts, beautiful music and briliant performers, the Flower Festival, the Night of Ancient Fires, musical walks, sunsets in August, adorable views for Tallinn and the sea. Exciting events through three days and joy from attending for everyone!

25 August 2011 - opening concert

6: 30 pm Radisson Blu Hotel Tallinn, Lounge 24 at the roof floor (Rävala Av 3)
Opening concert of the festival with festive three course dinner
PERFORMERS: Raivo Tafenau, Kadri Voorand, Jürmo Eespere, Mihkel Mälgand, Eno Kollom
PROGRAM: energetic and melodic summer jazz
TICKETS: 60€ (On sale at Radisson Blu Hotel, Tallinn reception from 1st of July 2011)

26 August 2011 - day of old town towers

1:30 pm Fat Margareta (Pikk 70)
PERFORMER: The Early Music Group of Kiili
PROGRAM: Medieval and Renaissance Music program Pious and Frisky
TICKETS: 15/11€*

3:30 pm St Olaf's Church (Lai 50)
PERFORMERS: Helin-Mari Arder, Siim Aimla, Ain Agan, Mihkel Mälgand
PROGRAM: My Heart, Wake Up (jazz arrangements of Estonian religious folk songs)
PILETID: 10/7€*

5:30 pm Kiek in de Kök (Komandandi Rd 2)
PERFORMER: early music ensemble Rondellus
PROGRAM: Cantigas de Santa Maria (Virgin Mary songs from 12th-13th Century Spain)
TICKETS: 15/11€*

7:30 pm Governor's Garden, the bottom of Tall Hermann (Lossi Square 1)
PERFORMER: Estonian TV Girls' Choir, conductor Aarne Saluveer
PROGRAM: patriotic songs to celebrate Estonian 20th Anniversary of Reindependence

27 August 2011 - day of contemporary towers

1:30 pm Head Building of SEB Bank, 23th floor (Tornimäe 2)
PERFORMER: ensemble Una Corda (harp, Estonian kannel, harpsichord)
PROGRAM: original compositions and arrangements for classical works (J. S. Bach, Kreek, Tally, etc.)
TICKETS: 15/11€*

4 pm Katel / Cauldron (Põhja Av 27)
PERFORMER: ensemble Resonabilis (voice, flute, Estonian kannel, cello)
PROGRAM: Estonian contemporary music (Tulve, Aints, Kozlova, Veeroos)
TICKETS: 10/7€*

7 pm Tower Square (Nunne Street)
Ceremonial closing of the festivals TALLINN TOWERS and Flower Festival
7:30 pm Concert The Most Beautiful Year of Culture in Your Life (after main themes of European Capital of Culture - Tallinn 2011: songs of the sea, flowers, towers, etc.)
PERFORMER: Brotherhood of the Most Beautiful Years
In co-operation with Tallinn Flower Festival

After the concert: A walk from the Tower Square to the Seaplane Harbour (along the Cultural Kilometer)

9:30 pm Seaplane Harbour (Küti 17)
The Night of Ancient Fires - singalongs, fire spells and campfires by the sea
PERFORMER: Chamber Choir Young Estonian Voices, conductor Martin Sildos
In co-operation with the Night of Ancient Fires

More information: and

Tickets: Piletilevi and Radisson Blu Hotel, Tallinn



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

Tallinn, Harjumaa

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