Romantic wine rendez-vous in the heart of The City

These names bring up more emotions in estonians than words can describe - our beloved and fully "adopted" Aruban singer Dave Benton, Birgit Õigemeel, Uku Suviste and Pearu Paulus are all nation widely acclaimed singers.

Tallinn's summerish nights will unfold a series of romantic concerts during July and August, which will offer You an exclusive and unforgettable night within the creation of best Estonian music.

You and Your loved one, friends and colleagues are warmly welcomed to step out of your daily routine, relax whilst the sunset takes over, have a glass of wine and try the most delish italian wine-platters - fantastic atmosphere and and excellent cultural experience as well as musical will be guaranteed to Your satisfaction!

26th July DaVE BENTON

There's no denying that Dave Benton's voice will mature and flavour with every year passing and that the Aruban singer, who Estonians love most warmly, is the father of all romance. Love will reveal itself in all languages imaginable on this evening!


Pearu is back with his unforgettable hits from the nineties. This is the perfect night for nostalgic moods and of course, creating new unforgettable moments here in Estonia!


The winner of Estonian best female artist performs with the multitalented Uku Suviste, known as a singer, pianist, composer and producer. They have also released an duet album together called "Beautiful time". All time best songs from the history of romance will conquer the stage and your hearts during this beautiful summer evening.

Ticket pricing:
Seat spot 10€ / On the same day 12€
Table seat, including wine* 15€/ On the same day 17€
Table seat with wine and delicious meat and cheese filled wine platters* 20€ / On the same day 22€

*All seats come unnumbered
Additional information:
Doors open 19.00
Wheelchair friendly
Open air event
No pictures, no filming

Tickets available here >>>

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