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Aavikunurga Puhketalu / Описание

Aavikunurga recreation house is located in Randvere, Laimjala municipality, Saaremaa. The house has a special place in Estonian cultural history - it is the birthplace of the famous Estonian linguist Johannes Aavik.

The freshly renovated typical Saaremaa farmhouse offers 13 differently decorated rooms located in the house and in a romantic old outbuilding. In addition, the complex features two saunas, a conference room for up to 30 people and a spacious garden.

In breath-taking natural surroundings, with hiking tracks through unspoilt moors and fields of wild junipers as far as the eye can see, Kahtla islet offers the perfect holiday for cycling or hiking, or for simply listening to the birds.

In addition to this wonderful opportunity to rediscover nature, we offer you the chance to relax in peace and quiet, to paint, to explore other handcraft activities, or just to enjoy the works of artists from many undiscovered places around the world.

Aavikunurga Puhketalu / Галерея

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