Clinica - Esteetilise Kirurgia Erakliinik

Tartu, Tartumaa



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Tartu, Tartumaa

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Clinica - Esteetilise Kirurgia Erakliinik / Описание

Services & Amenities

Transportation to and from Clinica. Private parking and garden. 24-hour experienced caring staff. Private room, with shower and WC ensuite. Remote-controlled television. Direct dial telephone. Specially prepared meals served in room as desired. Slippers and dressing gown.

Medical tourism

The high level of medical expertise and technical standards of medicine in Estonia, combined with competitive professional fees and accommodation costs make Estonia an ever more popular destination for planned surgery.

Tartu is the medical hub of Estonia
Tartu is the medical hub of Estonia with 37 clinics of the University of Tartu Klinikum, many private medical practices and medical wholesaler and production companies.

Clinica - Esteetilise Kirurgia Erakliinik / Галерея

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