Club Illusion

Tartu, Tartumaa



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Tartu, Tartumaa

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Club Illusion / Описание

Club Illusion has been built into a posh building of ex movie theater called Illusioon on Raatuse street in Tartu. The venue is also famous for it's underground cult parties taken place back in '90-s. We have 2 dancefloors in Illusion, main room and a cool balcony, where there's always different music than in the main room for variety.
There it is - Club Illusion - stilish, glamorous and kitchy nightclub designed by Jaanis Ilves. His work is awesome we say you better check it out!
Club Illusion is perfect for trendy clubber, who digs excellent lighting, awesome sound and quality dance music 4 nights a week. Actually everyone is welcome to spend a night in the club full of good vibes and cool people. We just expect you to be polite and nice, that's all - and great atmosphere is guaranteed to all of us!
Club Illusion brings you the best DJ-s from Estonia, but also world-famous DJ-s from all around the globe. We have also bands, MC-s and DJ+musician type of sets from time to time on the stage. The monthly eventlist is roughly shared by music styles like: hiphop, r&b, disco, house and drum & bass on different nights.

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