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Estonian Nature Tours / Описание

Visit Estonia - one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and be amazed by its abundant wildlife!

Estonian Nature Tours has been a pioneer in developing nature and bird tourism all over Estonia. We have long term experience in organising wildlife holidays and the feedback has always been good to excellent. Birdwatching & Botanical tours, Wildlife Photography, Mammal Watching, Nature Study tours.

The principal aim of these trips is to introduce visitors to the unique natural heritage and wildlife of Estonia, which have fortunately been preserved at many places in our country thanks to enlightened attitudes towards conservation, and a deep-rooted tradition of respect for the natural world. Each trip is escorted by a skilled Estonian leader with the necessary local expertise and these are often professional biologists or nature reserve employees.

Our services can also include the reservation of accommodation, meals and transport to form a fully inclusive tour in accordance with the specifications of our clients. Participants have returned from these holidays full of enthusiasm, not just for the superlative bird watching but also for the hospitality of local people who take great pride in sharing with visitors both the natural history and the gastronomic delights of our country.

ENT & Responsible Tourism

Natural history tourism, and especially Bird watching, is highly specialised areas of tourism that demand a high level of professionalism and an intimate knowledge of the subject matter from the ground agent. Estonia is enjoying an increasing recognition as an attractive bird watching destination which each year brings ever more birdwatchers from all over Europe in search of the many interesting bird species found in our country. We are proud of this interest in our natural attributes but also aware of the potential dangers that uncontrolled tourism can pose to the fragile eco-systems supporting the birdlife, and the organisation of ’Responsible Tourism’ through liaison with the management of our National Nature Reserves is the ethos that dictates all our actions at Estonian Nature Tours.

•Birdwatching tours
•Botanical Tours
•Nature Study Tours
•Wildlife Photography
•Mammal Watching in Estonia
•Tailor- made holidays in Estonia

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