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Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Go Group / Описание

Go Group is a transportation and tourism company group, founded in autumn 2004. Our principle is to provide to our costumers all travel-related services at the best price and quality ratio and to ensure the most effective passenger transport solution to the state.
AS Go Group is the biggest Estonian tourism and passenger transportation holding company, which is made up of 17 different companies. Group’s turnover in 2005 was more than 400 million EEK.
Go Group’s aim is to become the biggest and well-known tourism and transportation company in Baltic States, to improve transportation- and accommodation-related services. We are providing the best solutions and improving this way popularity of public transportation, service availability and standards.
Go Group is focused on 4 main activities: international railway and buss transportation, hotel accommodation and travel agency . Go Group owns entierly following companies: AS GoRail, OÜ RealWay, OÜ GoHotels, OÜ GoTrack, AS GoOil and AS GoTravel. AS GoTravel owns 80% of Cassandra Riga in Latvia. To AS Go Group belongs also AS GoBus.

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