Hydraulic Rams Of Tindioru



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Hydraulic Rams Of Tindioru / Описание

The pump powered by flowing water, the hydraulic ram, was designed and built by Friedrich Johanson to supply his farm with water. The pump has been functioning since 1939 and it moves 5m³ of water per 24 hours to a water tank at a height of 30 metres.
The hydraulic ram employs the hydraulic impact to raise the water level. The hydraulic impact is a pressure change in the piping caused by a rapid speed change. The device comprises the feed piping, the work chamber, the air reservoir and the pressure piping - the structure is simple and the device functions automatically. The hydraulic ram does not require maintenance; it is reliable and has a long useful life. The hydraulic ram can pump water to a height of over 50 metres. It is suitable for use at locations where the existing water supply substantially exceeds the water demand and the device can be placed lower than the lowest water reservoir (source).
The second hydraulic ram of Tindioru, with two impact valves, was designed and built by Jüri Johanson in 2002.

Hydraulic Rams Of Tindioru / Галерея

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