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Iisaku Vald / Описание

Iisaku parish (area 264 km², 1600 inhabitants) is situated in the southern part of East- Viru County. The center of the parish is Iisaku village, first mentioned in 1426. The estate was founded at the beginning of the 19th c. Iisaku lies on a hill near Narva- Tartu road 32 km from Jõhvi, the county town. There are 16 villages in the parish: Alliku, Imatu, Jõuga, Kasevälja, Kauksi, Koldamäe, Kuru, Lipniku, Lõpe, Pootsiku, Sõrumäe, Sälliku, Tammetaguse, Tärivere, Vaikla, Varesmetsa.
The main enterprises are connected with forestry and agriculture (dairy cattle raising, pig breeding, grain growing, timber export, processing and building log houses). In Iisaku we have got the parish administration, a high school, a gum and a stadium, a kindergarten, a school of fine arts, a community center, a post- office, a hairdresser, two libraries, a chemist’s and a tourist information center. There are 280 students at Iisaku High School from which 84 students take part in the clubs of the school of fine arts (dancing, art and music classes). The family doctor center takes care of the medical service. Catering is organized by Vana Vallamaja Pub, Prowints and Dello bakery. There is a Lutheran church and the County Museum in Iisaku. The Museum offers an exposition of the county’s history, nature and culture.
Tärivere Hill (94m above sea level) is the highest point in the county. It lies on Iisaku- Illuka os that is of south- western and north- eastern direction. A lookout is going to be built on the hill.
Nature lovers can have a rest at Lake Võhma, have a look at the oldest pine- tree of Estonia in Kuru and take a walk in Iisaku park and Kotka trail. Iisaku graveyard is famous for its stone ring crosses (17th c.) and some memorials. In Jõuga there is a burial place of old Votians with 300 tumuli.
The northern beach of Lake Peipus is for holidaymakers. 6 km of the coast belongs to Iisaku parish. The public beach was opened in Kauksi in the summer of 2000. The forests are rich in mushrooms and berries. You can go hunting and fishing as well. Holiday houses in Kuru and Kauksi are open throughout the year. Tourists are welcome to camping’s OÜ Kauksi Rand and OÜ Tisler. Near Sälliku Bar you can play minigolf.
Storks like the surroundings of Iisaku. There are 12 nests around the parish. The parish emblem depicts forest and it’s processing. Squirrels symbolize care and diligence of local people who hope for a better future.

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