Kanuumatkad Soomaal, Matkakeskus



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Kanuumatkad Soomaal, Matkakeskus / Описание

SOOMAA.COM is a small locally owned company that organizes nature tours and provides travel services inside and nearby Soomaa National Park. The backbone of our activities is a network of households along the rivers and people living there. We do co-operate with many other local accommodations, guides and service providers.

The philosophy of SOOMAA.COM is ecotourism, which means for us supporting local economic development, promoting preservation of cultural and natural heritage and educating travellers and public.
Our main activities are
• Bog-walking - year around
• Canoeing on rivers - May through September
• Skiing on bogs - December through March

Kanuumatkad Soomaal, Matkakeskus / Галерея

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