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Kiuma Talu Puhkemaja / Описание

The Holiday Home "Kiuma" is rented out as a whole building 1 or 2 or both. Here you can enjoy habitual conveniences, privacy in a peaceful and natural surroundings and plan your active holiday according to your mood and wishes.
In guest disposal there is a place for making bonfires and a grill. There are facilities for playing several sportsgames and for suntanning on the lawn. For children there is a special pool for bathing. There is a parking lot.
The holiday home 1 is a little two-storey house. On the first floor there are a sauna, a toilet, a room with the fireplace and a kitchenette. From the fireplace room you can enter an outer terrace, which is a comfortable nook shaded from wind and thought for enjoying a meal in fresh air.
On the second floor there are two rooms.
House 1 accomodates 8 people.
The holiday home 2 - a big room with a fireplace and a kitchenette , a sauna with a shower, cold and hot water, WC , bedrooms . In addition there is also a kitchen with all facilities for cooking and for drying clothing.
In house 2 - there are places for 14 people.

Kiuma Talu Puhkemaja / Галерея

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