Kuninga Street Apartement

Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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Kuninga Street Apartement / Описание

High-season price (for whole apartement)is 1500.- EEK per one week. Low-season is from 16th August to 14th June . The rest of the year is 800.-EEK per week. We can accommodate maximum 8 persons at time.

Suggestable period for renting is from one week (we prefer if it ends on Sunday).

We offer accommodation in the centre of Pärnu, in 5-room apartement. The apartement itself is in one of the oldest houses in Pärnu which is renovated lately.
The apartement has two floors: kitchen, two bedrooms, livingroom, toilet on the second floor and sauna,toilet, livingroom and bedroom on the third floor (as we call it an attic floor).
There are several restaurants and pizza bars next to the apartement as well as theatre, concert hall and central market where local farmers sell their crops.
It`s about 800 m to the beach, 300 m to the river and 800 m to harbour.

Kuninga Street Apartement / Галерея

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