Laiuse Blue Spring



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Laiuse Blue Spring / Описание

In olden times drought often fatigued the land. To relieve the concern of people the Holy Father sent a cloud to Laiuse Hill and the cloud filled the depression there. Sky-blue water boiled up from the spring, it invigorated the people. They used the spring to change the weather. In droughty weather, three widow with similar names cleaned the spring of moss.They always did it during a sermon. They took spades, rakes, a hook and a piece of bread with them. After they had cleaned the spring it started raining at once.If they happened to open the spring too much, it began raining cats and dogs and the well had to be covered in moss again. Above the spring it never rains as clouds are dispersed there. The spring water has healing qualities, especially for eye diseases.

Laiuse Blue Spring / Галерея

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