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Noarootsi Puhkemaja / Описание

You are welcome to relax and enjoy a great peace in silence surrounded by junipers and undisturbed nature. Here you can take part in activities like playing games, walking on the seaside, sun tanning, swimming in the sea, hiking, cycling or sightseeing by foot. There is a wooden house for five persons with a cozy fireplace, a kitchen, a shower room and a camping for two persons and a sauna room here. We also have a huge trampoline, swings, places for camping and a volleyball field. Our Noarootsi Guest House is excellent for family holidays.

Not too far from here are the Saare Manor House, the Lyckholmi Museum, Österby Seawall, the Silma Nature Reserve, the Noarootsi Pub, a bird-watching tower and a trail with the reedbeds close by the Sutlepa Sea and lots of other exciting places.
Season starts from 15.04

Noarootsi Puhkemaja / Галерея

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