Rahva Raamat

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Rahva Raamat / Описание

In the beginning of the last century the level of education and people's interest in literature enabled opening a store that sold books exclusively. G. Pihlakas established his book shop on the ground floor of the bank Krediidipank in 1912. Later many different tenants have leased these premises but during the last 93 years there has always been a book store, which makes it the oldest in Estonia.
Rahva Raamat opened a new store in the brand new shopping centre Viru Keskus in December 2004. To this day this is the biggest book store with the biggest number of books in Estonia. There are many aspects that make this store special: large choice of books in English, Russian and other foreign languages; atmosphere and facilities for comfortable reading, children's corner, and café Bestseller with an inspiring menu. This is an excellent place to meet up with friends and spend time reading.

Rahva Raamat / Галерея

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