Ranna Villa

Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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Ranna Villa / Описание

The hotel opened in May, 2005. It is a five-minute walk to the centre and to the golden sandy beach. It has a variety of services including SAT-TV and Internet, also a safe. Ranna Villa has 16 double rooms and 4 family suites. Each room has a bathroom en suite facilities. Parking is available in the courtyard. The overnight charge for the guests also includes an English style buffet breakfast. In addition the pub is open to 11.00-23.00, on some evenings you can listen to live music. Every room has a fridge.

There is also Ranna Villa Chemist's shop.

• 20 rooms
• new building
• near the beach
• breakfast
• parking site
• internet connection
• pub "VIKBUM"
• chemist's shop

Ranna Villa / Галерея

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