Sorgu tuletorn

Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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Sorgu tuletorn / Описание

A brick lighthouse was built on the island of Sorgu (Sorkholm) in Pärnu Bay in 1904, which replaced the initial wooden beacon, built already in 1864. The Sorgu lighthouse is regarded to be an outstanding example of elaborate architecture. The author of the design is generally considered to be the notable military engineer Alexander Yaron. The lighthouse and the outbuildings were severely damaged during World War I. Furthermore, the lighthouse was apparently built of low quality bricks, as the first attempts to impede the spalling took place already in the 1920s. The walls were rendered with concrete mortar after World War II, which not only detracted the aesthetical appearance, but also increased the structural problems of the fabric.

Today the ensemble consists of the lighthouse keeper’s house, a paraffin store, a sauna and a cellar. At the moment the lighthouse stands empty without any function and is in serious need of repairs. Exceptional for its spectacular architectural detailing, the lighthouse and its outbuildings deserve to be listed as architectural monuments.

Sorgu tuletorn / Галерея

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