Suure-Lähtru Mõis



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Suure-Lähtru Mõis / Описание

Suure-Lähtru manor is built in 1775 by Karl Gustav von Baranoff as a wedding gift for his son Christoph Heinrich.
There are still lots of rare architectural details in styles like rococo and baroque (doors, staircases, stoves, stucco). Ground floor of the house is vaulted and there you can find a museum dedicated to the history of the house and a wonderful Hunting Hall with original brick floor and a magnificent fireplace. The Hall is suitable for arranging ceremonies, concerts, conferences, luncheons and dinners.
Manor-house is surrounded by romantic park with pond ancient trees. It is a perfect place for picnics and other outdoor activities.
The house is located in West of Estonia. It is 90 kilometers from Tallinn and 25 kilometers from Haapsalu.

Suure-Lähtru Mõis / Галерея

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