Tartu Uus Teater

Tartu, Tartumaa



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Tartu, Tartumaa

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Tartu Uus Teater / Описание

Tartu New Theatre is an open platform for new ideas. Today it’s not a house, a stage, a group, a pay fond nor a paying job. Without ideaa, joy and enthusiasm, there’s no Tartu New Theatre. Noone can force anyone to do or watch theatre.

Tartu New Theatre is based on the possibility, that theatre can only exist upon free will, not because of a tradition, occupation or obligation. Of course this might mean that Tartu New Theatre will be gone before You know it, because there’s no will to do theatre. But then again it might mean that Tartu New Theatre will stay, and further more will survive longer than any other institutionally secured theatre, not depending on cultural, political or personal drafts.

With every new performance Tartu New Theatre wants to explain itself, if necessary re-interpret “theatre” in it’s name – only then can the “new” be honest in Tartu New Theatre.

Tartu New Theatre is financed by public funds and the City of Tartu.

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