The Small And The Big Taevaskoja



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The Small And The Big Taevaskoja / Описание

The Small and the Big Taevaskoja are the main tourist attractions of Põlva county, which appeal to nature lovers from far and near. When you start for the nature park of Taevaskoja you first arrive at Saessaare dam with an old hydroelectric power station. You find a dammed-up part of the Ahja River where in summer tourists can take pleasure trips on board a river boat called Lonny up and down the river for 3 kilometres. A walk to the Small and the Big Taevaskoja passes a 150-year old pristine forest. First a hiker comes to the Small Taevaskoja and can admire a cave called Neitsikoobas (Maiden’s Cave) in the outcropping of Devonian sandstone. As hikers continue their walk, they soon reach the Big Taevaskoja – a sandstone wall with a height of 24 metres. A large boulder in the river is known as Salakuulajakivi (Spy’s Stone). On the way back a narrow path takes you over the cliff of the Small Taevaskoja. It was here that the most popular Estonian feature film "The Last Holy Relict" was shot in 1969. Walking on, the hiker arrives at Emaläte (Mother’s Spring) - a masterpiece of nature in the primeval valley. Old people believed its water to have healing qualities. Taevaskoja forms a part of Kiidjärve-Taevaskoja region of woodland trails and recreation. Woodland trails offer a number of different possibilities to walk in the nature. Tourists can also practice orienteering, go skiing, cycling, canoeing, boating, and riding in the region.

The Small And The Big Taevaskoja / Галерея

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