Ülemiste Keskus

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Ülemiste Keskus / Описание

Estonia’s largest shopping center, Ülemiste Center opened its doors on April 1st. Ülemiste Center, located near lake Ülemiste in Tallinn, belongs among to the group of the largest shopping centers in the Baltics, with its 50 000-square-meter space. The center is characterized by modern environment, spacious and Scandinavian atmosphere and a wide choice of quality goods and services. Special attention has been paid to entertainment, as it is stocked with different events for the whole family throughout the year.
Among the approximately 150 tenants, there are a number of those entering the Estonian or even the whole Baltic market for the first time. The extensive offering of clothes and shoes is among others made up of the Swedish Lindex, English Chester,
Reno and Olsen from Germany, Lithuanian Lelija, Turkish Joymiss, Norwegian Esthetique etc. Rimi which offers food and industrial products is to open its first hypermarket store in Ülemiste Center.
Also, several companies have chosen Ülemiste as the location of their largest stores, e.g. Sportland (sports goods store), Reserved (clothing) as well as Juku (toy store chain). In addition, a store called Sireen will offer the largest selection of books among the super markets in Estonia while Handymann will make life easier for the whole family with tools, appliances and other useful accessories.
In addition to the stores, there are seven different restaurants and cafeterias, several beauty salons as well as an exciting large playing ground for up to 150 kids.

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