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Valgjärve / Описание

The landscape of Valgjärve is the most varied in Põlva county: there are hills up to 30-40 metres, there are brushwood and grasslands in valleys, there are sparkling ponds and lakes. There is a lot to see for travellers at Valgjärve. Valgjärve park and lake are the most beautiful in the neighbourhood. The pristine park boasts of majestic centuries-old trees. In the park of Valgjärve, just on the shore of the lake, there are two mighty oaks, one is 4.9 m and the other is 4.65 m thick, both are 20 m high. Valgjärve Lake has also three islets. The bottom is mostly gravely and sandy so that it is suitable for bathing.

Valgjärve / Галерея

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