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Vanatoa Turismitalu / Описание

Vanatoa´s turism farmstay is situated between junipers and stone fences in ancient Koguva village in Muhu island.

Vanatoa´s complex forms one the oldest farm complexes in village and its history goes back to the 16th century. Former good life has left dignified sign to the preserved farm architecture. Complex includes weir shed and granary as the oldest buildings breserved to this day, in 1910 built multicoloured cottoge - cum thresing barn made from granit. It is distinguished for its roominess and magnificence and confessedly is the longest building in Muhu. Also there is the yard building and flagstone granary built in 1930.

Today Vanatoa has awaken again for the new life, where dignified history has been joined together with nowdays offered relaxing possibilities to the local folks and visitors from outside.

To the followers Vanatoa´s turism farmstay offers catering, overnight rest and relaxation alternatives. Only just renovated restaurant waits up to 100 people, accommondation in comlpex is for 40 people.

We welcom you at any time of the year to hold conferences, have vacation, attend learning or creation assignments.

Vanatoa Turismitalu / Галерея

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