Viljandi Linn

Viljandi, Viljandimaa



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Viljandi, Viljandimaa

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Viljandi Linn / Описание

Population: 20 283 (2005. a census)
Area: 14,6 km²
Location : South-Estonia, the uplands of Sakala. From Viljandi to Tallinn - 161 km, to Tartu 81 km, to Pärnu 97 km.
Administrative status: town Viljandi is an independent unit of local authority and
the centre of the county.
In Estonia Viljandi is the sixth largest town which is especially known for its beautiful nature and rich cultural life.
Human and environment-friendly, sustainably developing Viljandi where people can live in harmony with the nature without disturbing it.
Naturally beautiful, culturally rich and with good infrastructure Viljandi prove a nice place of recreation both for the people of Viljandi and for the visitors.
The deep lake down in the valley is an offset to the town and castle hills up on the slope. Well-known legend tells about the boatman who rows on the lake and longs for the beautiful-eyed girl.

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