Võhandu Landscape Reserve



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Võhandu Landscape Reserve / Описание

Primeval Valley of the Võhandu River The wildest and most interesting stretch of the river from the dam of Leevi watermill until the bridge of Reo is under nature protection. At the beginning of the protected region the Võhandu flows very fast. The valley of the river is narrow and in places up to 30 m deep. A number of rapids and outcrops of the base rock, Põdramüür as the most picturesque of them, are wonderful sights and cause excitemet for a water tourist. The central part of the reserve attracts by pristine forests and facinating views from meadows and cliffs, called walls by local people (müür in Est.). Põdramüür, Viira watermill müür, Sõjatare, Kalmate müür and Tsirgu müür, which is the highest (17.1 m), are the greatest and most picturesque of the 38 outcrops of the reserve. Märaläte, among other numerous springs, is the most peculiar one: water flows from the sandstone wall in two streams at heights of 1.25 and 1.4 m metres respectively. The primeval valley of the Võhandu River offers tourists a number of interesting sights to be remembered for a long time. A canoe trip on the river has extremity due to the river’s fast flow and rapids (places of former watermills). This river is not intended for beginners at canoeing. Those who dare not to take a trip on the water may pass the route on calm farm horses.

Võhandu Landscape Reserve / Галерея

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