Finnish tourists barge into private land on Saaremaa

On Sunday morning, a group of Finnish tourists appeared at the private residence of famous Estonian socialite Anu Saagim and Finnish architect Risto-Matti Ratia. The tourists simply opened the doors of the houses of the farm in Saaremaa and took pictures. Although Anu Saagim and her family asked the tourists to leave, they remained there and even argued with the landowners. The summerhouse of Saagim and Ratia on Saaremaa has been an unofficial tourist attraction for ten years. The farm complex includes seven buildings. Photos of the farm have been published in both Estonian and international interior decor magazines. Saagim says that even travel agencies have called her with requests to show off the farm to Finnish tourists. Saagim adds that this is a private residence and such visits are out of the question.

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