34st Türi Flower Fair May 20 – 22, 2011

34st Türi flower fair is held from 20th to 22th of May, 2011 in Türi, Estonia (around the squares of Kalevi Street).

Türi flower fair has been held at the prime of spring gardening time for the last three decades. As a sign of its growing popularity, the fair welcomes ever increasing number people interested in either selling or buying seeds and plants along with other things that one might need around the garden or household.

Merchants from all over Estonia, but also Latvia and Lithuania come to the fair. In recent years, gardening firms from other European countries have shown interest in the event as well.

In addition to big businesses, local hobby gardeners are active in trading during the three days. In their baskets, one can find plants and varieties often forgotten. It is the local gardener who passes over a plant or a bulb with a word of first hand expertise and wisdom on how to grow.

Türi flower fair has room for handcraft as well. There are even some workshops where craftsmen show their skills to the public, making things before naked eyes. In the days of the 31th, i.e. the last fair both crafters and the visitors together weaved a carpet to be later given as a present to St Martin’s Church of Türi.

The total number of stalls/merchants is around 750.
From the entertainment angle, there is always something on, be it a quiz, dance or performance. Türi flower fair welcomes tens of thousands every year. The last event, 33th in line, saw 40 000 visitors in three days.

For further information, please contact us at:
MTÜ Türi Aianduse ja Mesinduse Selts
Viljandi tänav 14-B
Türi 72212
Järvamaa Estonia
Location Estonia, Tyri
e-mail: tyriams@hot.ee

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