Estonian Theatre Festival DRAMA 2011

Estonian Theatre Festival DRAAMA is held in Tartu since 1996. It takes place every two years, representing the best plays of the two last seasons. In addition to the main programme different extras, or sub-programmes were included to the Festival since 2001.

The curator of this year’s festival is Priit Raud, the Artistic Director of Kanuti Gildi Saal and Baltoscandal festival. He has chosen eight productions for the main programme:

Antigone by Homayun Ghanizadeh (R.A.A.A.M.), Idiots by Juhan Ulfsak (Von Krahl Theatre), The Blossoming by Ingomar Vihmar, In the Whirl of Winds by Andres Noormets (Rakvere Theatre), Old Buddies by the United Dancers of ZUGA, The Last Kiss of Peeter Volkonski by Urmas Vadi (Tartu New Theatre), The Midnight Sun by Anu Lamp (Tallinn City Theatre) and Am I Alive Now by Lauri Lagle (Estonian Drama Theatre).
Priit Raud sums up this year’s festival with the words SIGNED THEATRE.

“The aim was to have a festival of good theatre, not a ranking table. The keyword “signed theatre” is characteristic of all those eight productions chosen for the main programme. In all of them, the entire team has in a way signed the production in their own hand. All participants are recognisable in the production as a whole,” is how Priit Raud justifies his choice and the topic of the festival.

The festival takes place in Tartu from September 5 to 11.



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