18th November House of the Blackheads BAROKK and PAGANINI

18th November 7 PM in the House of the Blackheads "Baroque and Paganini"

JEVGENI SVIRIDOV, violin/Baroque violin (Russia)

Winner-laureate of international Bach and Paganini competitions, the youngest winner of Bach competition in Leipzig (2010)

Magical programme from Bach to Paganini

The programme includes Bach, Telemann, Biber, Paganini

23-year-old Russian violin virtuoso Jevgeni Sviridov, one of Europe’s top violin players, winner and laureate of the most reputable international competitions (Bach, Paganini, Menuhhin, Heifetz), with a highly complex solo programme, comprising the works of Bach, Telemann, Biber and Paganini, performed both on contemporary and Baroque violin.

Due to his precociousness, winning important competitions and a rare virtuosity for his age, he has been called a prodigy.

Tickets from Piletilevi 10€/7€ (http://www.piletilevi.ee)



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