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Ansu Farm / Beskrivning

Ansu Farm is an old farm complex, which has been in our family ever since our ancestors began farming hundreds of years ago after the North War. The farm has been passed down from generation to generation. We are extremely proud of that heritage. It's interesting to learn about our ancestors' lifestyles and traditions from many centuries ago.

Even today it is exciting to reenact some of the duties from their daily life. Activities such as baking bread, weaving rugs, cutting reeds in winter and building roofs of that material give our guests an opportunity to experience how people used to live. Guests can also work in the forest with a horse. Our guests can sleep in a storehouse or make pancakes in an old summer kitchen.

There is a 6.5 km long hiking path, which begins from the farm. There are also shorter paths, which will show you the unique natural features of this area. You can enjoy silence and tranquility and walk without encountering a single soul. Or if you wish you can walk with a guide. Not far from Ansu farm there is the scenic Järveküla lakeland. Guests can enjoy these idyllic surroundings by boating on the lake.

In summer time there are 5 rooms for the guests and in winter 3 rooms. Tourism on Ansu farm is more about lifestyle than business. The relationship between nature and our family is friendly and we are very thankful to our guests when they respect that.


- accommodation 250 EEK / 16 EUR / per person
- breackfast 100 EEK / 6,5 EUR / per person
- pet permitted 100 EEK / 1 night
- Saaremaa sauna 100 EEK / per person (no time limit)
- hiking path and boating with a guide 100 EEK / h
- classical massage 60 min. 300 EEK/ 20 EUR
- hot tub 500 EEK / 32 EUR

For children younger than 12 half price!

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