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Asva Fortified Settlement / Beskrivning

The small, present - day village of Asva is located on the Laimjala - Kuivastu road, at the 33 kilometer mark. Here, on the low fields behind the village is located one of Northern Europe's most famous Bronze Age settlements. Asva gave its name to an entire culture.
The Fenno - Ugriac Late Bronze Age culture reached its westernmost point at Asva. The Asva culture was based on herding, seal hunting, and bronze working. The beginnings of crop culture were also practiced. The rise where the settlement is located was an islet or peninsula in a shallow sea during the Bronze Age.
Today, the land has risen and the sea is many kilometers away from where it was during the Bronze Age. An impression of a shore settlement is evident only during the spring flooding.

Asva Fortified Settlement / Galleria

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