Atsikivi Cottages

Häädemeeste, Pärnumaa



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Häädemeeste, Pärnumaa

Häädemeeste, Pärnumaa

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Atsikivi Cottages / Beskrivning

Atsikivi Cottages is the best place for a holiday in the Estonian countrside.

We are very conveniently located just near to the Via-Baltica highway and just a few miles away from the beach.

We offer the accomodation in the cosy cottages as well as camping opportunities.

Along with a cosy nights we offer the traditional Estonian Sauna experience and many of outside activities.

- A family vacation
- Meetings
- Seminars
- Birthdays

Outdoor activities:
- Trampoline
- Swings & sandbox fir kids
- New additions continuously

Atsikivi Cottages / Galleria

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Rating: 5.0

Väga mõnus koht ja meeldiv teenindus! (10.08.2013)

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