Cocacola Plaza

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Cocacola Plaza / Beskrivning

The priority of Coca-Cola Plaza is to become the No. 1 option for people regarding quality entertainment.

Our goal is to offer movie lovers big or small a varied and interesting selection of films at any given time and at the same time be the front-runner at the local cinema landscape. We contribute more and more to diversify the selection of movies shown in our cinema and bring the latest developments and updates of the cinema world also to our moviegoing public.

In Coca-Cola Plaza there is always something exciting going on because in addition to movies from many different countries and genres we also offer a wide selection of 3D-movies, live broadcasts from Metropolitan Opera New York, London National Theatre and the main sporting events of the world to the concerts of the biggest stars and entertainers of our planet. In the halls of Coca-Cola Plaza there have been live theatre performances that have enriched the local theatre scene with its original approach and environment.

In the biggest cinema multiplex of the city of Tallinn there are 11 movie screens with the seating capacity of 1967. Five biggest screens plus the luxorious A.Le Coq Suite have been equipped with the absolute best cinema technology – digital projectors, that enable us to offer all the latest 3D-movies for our customers. Forum Cinemas uses the 3D-technology of the company called XpanD, the most acclaimed provider of such digital 3D-technology. The 3D-effect is achieved with the special, so-called "active glasses", which generate a multi-dimensional picture with the help of digital cinema projector and the special 3D movie print.

The technology used in Coca-Cola Plaza provides the deepest colours, brightest picture and biggest depth without shadows on screen. Compared to the so-called "passive glasses" (RealD etc.), the technology used by XpanD is considerably more environment friendly — the glasses are used repeatedly and they are washed after each and every screening.

All the cinema halls have been equipped with the first-rate sound system (SDDS, DOLBY DIGITAL, DTS) and the most comfortable seats available. The angle of the seating rows will guarantee unlimited access to the screen from each and every seat in the hall and there is enough space and leg room between the rows so that a movie lover can sit back and relax even if a fellow movie-lover wishes to pass you. This all doesn't mean that we are now resting on the laurels - we are constantly working to become even better and give you the very best movie experience possible.

For those movie-lovers who wish to enjoy films in a more private environment, can do so in our luxurious 40-seat A.Le Coq Suite. It is possible to book the suite for birthdays, presentations, private screenings, conferences and other events. There is a well equipped bar situated in the lounge area of the suite offering also a beautiful view to the historical old town of Tallinn.

Coca-Cola Plaza offers a lot more than just tickets for the latest movies. In the lobby area there are a lot of cozy places offering refreshments and dining. For latter, there is restaurant BASIILIK and also REVAL CAFÉ for that very purpose. There is also a quick access from the cinema to a newly restored, historic yet modern Rotermann Quarter. Among many shops, restaurants and businesses situated in Rotermann Quarter there is also a playground for children. There is also a spacious underground parking lot with quick access to Coca-Cola Plaza.

In the lobby area of Coca-Cola Plaza there is a spacious candy shop offering a wide selection of sweets, nuts, dried fruit and different beverages, hot or cold - something for every taste. In the candy shop you can also find different movie related toys and other memorabilia on sale there.

After the movie ticket has been purchased, you can head to the SMOOTHIE BAR situated right there in the lobby, facing the box-office. The speciality of the bar is of course a wide selection of freshly made smoothies that are already famous all over the city.

After the cinema patron has entered the theatre area via the ticket gate, it is also possible to purchase snacks and drinks from the concession stand situated on the second floor of the cinema.

See you at the movies!

The underground garage under the cinema has 43 parking spaces and is open every day 8:00-23.00.

Viru Centre parking lot (Viru väljak 4/6)
Phone 1669 (24h)

Cocacola Plaza / Galleria

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