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Hiiesaare alumine tuletorn / Beskrivning

The lighthouse is located on the northeast coast of the island of Hiiumaa. Helps to be guided with northern part of Vainamere in the direction 229,6 °. Paluküla church spike (Est 626) helps to move from the center of Püssirahu to Suursadam's (Djuphamn; Tiefenhafen) raid. On an island nose (59 ° 00,13’ N, 22° 51,42’ E) in 1876 was constructed a wooden sign. It was the Paluküla church spike SW 50 ° 15'. The white wooden lattice of a form of the truncated pyramid represented the rectangular strengthening which height reached 12 m, 13 m over the sea and which was visible from distance of 8 miles. In 1891 lighthouse construction on the island Hiiesaare SW 49 ° 45' was resumed. Its height over the sea is 17 m and height of lighthouse is 16 m. In 1910 was started construction of new truncated pyramid from red stone. It was destroyed in time of the Second World War. In 1953 on the island was built a new lighthouse which height was 17 m. On the upper side of it was a lantern which sector shows 260 ° -130 °. Height was 18 m and visibility of 10 miles. The light character was: LFL W 7 s, 1,5 + 5,5 = 7 s. For many years since 1980 the lighthouse was equipped by 210 EMS. From 1994 to 2001 the light was not worked, because of radioactive isotopes the generator was removed. After repair automated system which worked at solar and wind energy was installed.

Hiiesaare alumine tuletorn / Galleria

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