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Hinni Canyon / Beskrivning

Hinni canyon is situated near Lake Kahrila in the special protection zone of the Haanja Nature Park, which also is the most strict protection zone of the nature park. Canyon valley is very unique as it is the only one in Estonia.
The canyon is 15-20 meters deep and 300 meters long incision valley with steep slopes in the bottom of which we can find fast flowing Enni stream, which is deeply intersected into the sandstone. First 50 meters upstream the canyon is about 6-10 meters wide, then it narrows to 3 meters. Hinni canyon has intersected into the devon era sandstone, this period started about 410 million years ago and lasted for 50 million years. Thickness of devon rocks can sporadically be up to 500 meters, the most thick system is exactly in the southeastern Estonia. Geologists divide devon rocks into several beds. Hinni canyon sandstones belong to the lower part of the Gauja bed - to the Sietin series. Its one of the best exposures of this bed in Estonia.
On the steep edges of the incision valley woven layer sandstone is exposed in the range of 200 meters and in 5-6 meters long upright walls or cliffs in white or several yellow tones. Oxidizing of iron around quartz granules has given color to many rusty sand layers. Sandstone walls have also signs of creations of nature. In the bottom of the canyon there is seen many gullies caused by water and also a little spring cave.
Here grow trees like birches, firs, aspens, and maples. Vegetation is luxuriant. From time to time a wandering fox, roe deer or rabbit can be lost to the canyon. Canyon is a suitable living environment for many rodents.

When you are visiting the canyon remember:

Don`t harm the sand exposure!
Don`t leave your garbage here!
Don`t make a fire where it is not allowed!

Hinni Canyon / Galleria

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