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Kaja Kodumajutus / Beskrivning

Kaja's county home has a very unique look inside aswell as outside. Suits perfectly for a family or a smaller group of people.

I floor - broad kitchen with a living room, bedroom with a king-sized built-in bed and also a chill out corner with a fireplace. Sauna on the first floor, old fashioned WC and a boudoir.

II floor - children's rooms, 2 bedrooms (with extra beds)
Outside - outdoor kitchen and fireplace.

A chance to rent out up to 3 bicycles!
Camping trip to the beach:
sands - about 5 km away
fishing port - about 1km away

Kaja Kodumajutus / Galleria

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Rating: 5.0

Jäime väga rahule! Kaunis koht ja hubane majake! (09.07.2014)

Rating: 1.0

Owner wanted to rise the price after booking. We had to cancel reservation and turn money back only with booking.com help. (14.01.2013)

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