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Mändjala Puhkemaja / Beskrivning

There are 19 beds in holiday house; the hall with a fireplace is well suited for seminars and meetings; there is a well-equipped kitchen and WC-s. There are also 4 beds in sauna (two double beds on the first floor of the sauna), a room with a fireplace, small kitchen niche with the equipment, electric stove and a refrigerator. There are 27 beds in summerhouses. Catering can be booked in advance.
A nice sandy beach, the Järva sand drifts are close by; there are also swings for children, volleyball and basketball stadium. There is a site for a camp-fire close to the lodge. The Nasva marina is located 3 km from the lodge, there is also a tree nursery 2 km from the house. During winter, one can enjoy interesting skiing trails. You can go both hunting or picture-hunting.

Mändjala Puhkemaja / Galleria

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