Maremark Sukeldumisklubi

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Maremark Sukeldumisklubi / Beskrivning

Diving is an exciting sports hobby, which does not require great physical effort or special kills, yet offers relaxation and kills tension. As a diver I am able to see underwater nature, corals, everyday life of water animals and pictures from history - the drowned vessels - with my own eyes.
Diving provides adrenalin, there is always a possibility to discover something new - an unknown wreck, an interesting item, an unfamiliar animal, etc.
Diving is also a sociable activity - it includes an exchange and sharing of experience, investigating the past of the wrecks, etc.
Diving is suitable for people of all ages, who are not afraid of water and can swim just a little bit. Diving is also healthy - water has an invigorating effect. Medical research has affirmed the healing ability of pressure to human organism upon various health problems, which also creates additional value to diving.

Maremark Sukeldumisklubi / Galleria

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