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Meedla Talu / Beskrivning

We are situated on small island Muhu. Our place consists of 3 rooms and a kitchen eqipped with all facilities for preparing food.
You can use a shower. There is no steadly service on the spot. This place is meant for 6-8 (max 10) people to spend their undisturbed vacation. If you rent the whole house you can take your dog with you. We organize canoe trips to the wildlife. Sea-kayaks can be rented too. In the near vicinity there is a large horsefarm where you can go to riding.

Whole house 1800 EEK ~ 120 EUR
(1 week 9000 EEK ~ 600 EUR)
Room for 2 500 EEK ~ 33 EUR
Room for 1 450 EEK ~ 30 EUR
1 bed and shower 250 EEK ~ 16 EUR
Sauna 2 hours 400 EEK ~ 26 EUR
Rental of 1 sea-kayak for 3 hours 600 EEK ~ 40 EUR
Canoe trip 1 person starting from 250 EEK ~ 16 EUR (the price depends on the trip length and the members of participants)
The other services and special wishes can be agreed.
Prepayment 50% (money transfer via internet ONLY)
Our season lasts 1.apr. - 31.okt.

Manager Lia Lehto

Meedla Talu / Galleria

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