Pärnu Linn

Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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Pärnu Linn / Beskrivning

Pärnu is a West-Estonian resort with well-established traditions that has held the title of ’s summer capital and heart-warming town for over ten years. Pärnu is also a former Hanseatic town and will host the 30th International Hanseatic Days medieval festival in 2010.
During the sunny summer period, the beautiful, sandy beaches that invite both baskers and bathers become the heart of Pärnu. Beautiful nature, as attractive as the beach, can also be found throughout Pärnu County, which boasts a 242 km coastline. Many cultural and sports events, some of which have become local traditions, offer entertainment all year round.

The enthralling nature of Pärnu County, which offering ample, quality opportunities for active holidays, supplements the greenery of city parks and boulevards. Walks in the forest, kayak trips on rivers and the sea, riding, fishing, hunting trips, adventurous bog or canoe trips to Soomaa National Park and elsewhere in the county offer great escapes. In winter, you can partake in skiing, snowshoe and kick sledge trips, or a sledge safari and enjoy a sauna steam.

Kihnu Island is cosy and warm yet exotic; folk costumes are worn here every day and the handicraft of older generations remains highly valued. Several other romantic small islands and the Western Coast offer an opportunity to participate in local rites and customs.
With sunshine from Pärnu!

Pärnu Linn / Galleria

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