Põlva Maakond

Põlva, Põlvamaa



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Põlva, Põlvamaa

Põlva, Põlvamaa

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Põlva Maakond / Beskrivning

Everyone, even the most whole-hearted of city-dwellers, has their roots in the countryside. The countryside and its nature become more and more attractive after the everyday pulse and turbulence causes us to lose our sense of balance. The green experience does not only encompass nature. Rather we should take the green experience as an opportunity to contrast the urbanizing world with the harmonious and peaceful life of the countryside. Põlvamaa provides some of the most beautiful forests, mysterious rapid rivers along with the peaceful lifestyle of local country people.
Põlvamaa, naturally intact yet developing, awaits visitors from near and far.

Põlva Maakond / Galleria

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