Võru Maakond

Võru, Võrumaa



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Võru, Võrumaa

Võru, Võrumaa

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Võru Maakond / Beskrivning

Võrumaa is a place where one can be alone with nature. The nature here is incredibly varied, untouched and primeval. Wandering around, you can end up in places, where seemingly nobody has been before.
Northern Võrumaa is gentle - flat fields, pastures, old manor parks abounding in species, lakes Tamula and Vagula. Here flows also the longest river in Estonia - Võhandu. On the western border of Võrumaa the landscape becomes hilly and surprises you with the unique Kaika hillocks in the Karula National Park.
Towards the south Võrumaa is higher, as if reaching towards clouds. The highest top in the Baltic region - Suur Munamägi offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding hilly landscape, covered with forests, cut with steep valleys, and deep lakes filled with clean water. The Haanja Nature Park protects a unique landscape type - the landform here is extremely varied: there are many lakes, absolute and relative altitudes are the greatest in Estonia, and snow never melts here before spring. The curving roads of Haanjamaa lead the visitor to exciting farms and villages, reminders of former settlements.
Eastern Võrumaa, where the Russian border runs, is spacious and magnificent. Alongside the rapid river Piusa there are gentle valleys and steep sandstone banks.
Land in Võrumaa is perhaps sloping towards Latvia, as all waters have come together to the southern border and flow to Latvia through the vast and beautiful forests of southwestern Võrumaa. This region is called Mõniste, water runs towards Latvia through Mustajõgi, Vaidva and Peetri rivers.
Võrumaa kindly welcomes visitors and wants them to share the magnificence and beauty of its nature. People, who love nature and camping, have an opportunity to test themselves on well-marked hiking paths. They can also admire marvellous views from lookout towers and rest in camping cabins hidden in the nature.
Just know where to look! There is a surprise at each turn, a breathtaking view from each hill!

Võru Maakond / Galleria

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