Birdfair 2010

The 2010 Birdfair will take place in Rutland on 20, 21 & 22 August. This is the third time Estonian Nature Tours has participated in the bird tourism fair as an exhibitor. Estonia is a wonderful country with huge birdlist, friendly people and wonderful local food and the first place in the world where you can search the Flying Squirrel together with local researcher! Estonian Nature tours has a fantastic 8-day Mammal Watching holiday amongst unique untouched nature with vast floodplains and primeval forests for looking incredible mammals as Flying Squirrel, Raccoon Dog, European Beaver, Brown Bear, Wild Boar and Elk, also many fresh tracks of elusive residents as Lynx and Wolf along the way every day... Great new additions are also short-break tours in autumn for Common Cranes and Elks and in winter for Steller´s Eiders.
Tarvo Valker, the chairman of the Bird Club of Lääne County, will make a presentation called "Mammals – a pride of Estonian Nature“ on Sunday Lecture Marquee 1 / 9.30-9.50am. This talk will give an overview of all the incredible mammals that are living in this country - Lynx, Wolves, Brown Bears, Beavers as well as the flying squirrel - the pride of Estonian forests.

Visit us at Marquee 5 Stand 32!



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