Easter and spring fair at the Open Air Museum

In the Estonian folk calendar Easter is celebrated not only as a great church holiday but also as spring holidays to welcome the arrival of the lighter and warmer season. This year Easter week coincides with St George’s Day (April 23) when, according to the tradition, cattle was driven out to graze in pastures and herdsboys started to make whistles from loose willow bark. Village youth tried to escape from smoky farmhouses to the fresh air and bright daylight of spring. Young people longed for riding on village swings where they used to gather for singing and playing together.

The spring food and handicraft fair is open along the main road of the museum.
Easter service and concerts of Nolens Volens ensemble take place in Sutlepa Chapel.
Spectacles for children by Trumm Children’s Theatre.
The programme includes dyeing of Easter eggs, egg games and shepherds’ games of skill. It is possible to post your Easter greetings and build nest boxes for birds. A little planting school is open for the children. Kolu Inn treats the guests to traditional dishes and good music.

Festive opening of the swinging season!

Kiiking swings! Demonstrations of kiiking, i.e. riding on the swing across a spindle. The swings are open for the visitors to try this new sport which has been invented in Estonia.
Folklore Society Leigarid opens the swinging season by singing songs which traditionally accompanied swinging.
It is possible to contribute to the joint handiwork of craftsmen and museum visitors. The completed pleach is taken to the large village swing as a present.




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