Tallinn Treff Festival and the fusion of arts

From 28th of May til 1st of June the streets of Tallinn Old Town will become more than a tourist attraction. It’s this time of the year when Estonian Puppet and Youth Theatre celebrates the magnificent world of performing arts in the form of Tallinn Treff Festival in the streets and theatre venues of old town. It's the biggest performing arts festival in Estonia.

Since Tallinn is the European Capital of Culture, the festival programme will be bigger and stronger than ever. 700 performers will be arriving from 18 countries around the world and give 150 performances during the five days of the festival. The fusion of arts at Tallinn Treff Festival includes a wide variety of performances, including dance, drama, puppet theatre, performance art, visual theatre, music, art. The street programme will start every day from 12 at noon and finish at 4 pm. All street performances are free of charge.

In the evening time one can visit world famous visual and contemporary puppet theatre shows. Including plays like Duda Paiva Company’s „Bastard“ (Netherlands), Compagnie Sans Soucis’ „Hamlet/Machine” (France), Compagnie Une de Plus’ „Trois” (France), Editta Braun Company „Luvos, vol. 2“ (Austria), Big Puppet Theatre of St Petersburg’s „We“ (Russia), Quanzhou Marionette Troupe’s „Ancient Arts, New Paths“ (China).

During the festival there will be two special exhibition openings – “1000 Puppets” on the shop windows of Tallinn Old Town and 8 over life-size sculptures made of construction foam by Estonian greatest artists and that will be moving around the old town.

Tallinn Treff Festival is a meeting point for artists from the East and West, not only amongst professionals but also engaging students of performing arts. The international students of dance, drama, puppetry, scenography and music will get to meet each other, see high-level professional performances and hear fascinating lectures by world famous theoreticians. At Tallinn Treff Festival you get to witness the present and future artists of performing arts.

More info on the homepage of Estonian Puppet and Youth Theatre www.nuku.ee.



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