Medieval Days in Tallinn’s Old Town

The journey back in time to the Middle Ages to discover 500-year-old Reval begins on 7 July at Viru gates, and upon reaching Town Hall Square it will bring a Hanseatic artisans’ market to life.

Town hall musicians, travelling minstrels, dancers, troubadours and contortionists will tantalise the senses.

Learned men from all over the world will share their wisdom, and travellers will ply their trade at the apothecary’s shop on the square.

On St. Nicholas’ Hill, artisans will enlighten the public, a knights’ school will be open, and nautical masters will be on hand to deliver lectures on medieval trade and cultural exchanges.

An archery tournament and football event will provide tests for the steady of hand and fleet of foot. The carnival in the Town Hall will offer delicious food and drink as well as entertainment from bards and wandering players from near and far.

The XI Tallinn Medieval Days will take place 7.-10. July 2011



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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