Festival Kihnu Sea Festivity 8.-10. July 2011

Kihnu Cultural Space together with Kihnu Parish Government and Kihnu Sea Society launched a new event series, the cultural and sea-related festival Kihnu Sea Festivity.

Kihnu Sea Festivity follows from the good old FIshermen's tradition, but involves everything related to Kihnu seaside life. The name is derived from Järsumäe Virve's well-known song.

Attractions include handicraft and food fairs, workshops, fishermen contests, singing, dancing and music; an annual folk culture seminar on a topical issue (in 2011, "Open Sea Wind Parks and Traditional Area"). The museum has opened a sea-related exhibition (in 2011 on seal hunting).

The key event of the 2011 festivity will be the opening of the lighthouse. Visitors het to climb on top of the lighthouse built in 1864.

Festival program: http://kultuuriruum.ee/index.php?id=57



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